ESAC- In the Event of International Women’s Day Celebration 3/8/15

New York, NY (March 8, 2015) — Honoring international women’s day, ESAC held its annual March 8th 2015 event. ESAC’s mission is to create public awareness about Ethiopian Migrant Worker abuse in Mid-East and and to find solution(s) to this horrible travesty.  The main topic of this year’s International Women’s Day Celebration with ESAC was regarding women in the 21st century. The topics covered in this March 8th celebration allow us to know and examine where women stance in society is.  Are they protected from any abuse issue women facing domestic workers abuse by their employer?  This is a Human Rights’ issue. It needs an in-depth understanding of the issues that is related to the domestic worker industry. ESAC is working very hard to get a solution to this problem of Ethiopian Migrant Worker abuse in Mid-East with the hosting Middle Eastern countries by creating a dialogue with the hosting countries. ESAC is trying to find  a  solution and is inviting and arranging panel discussion of experts advocating, creating awareness and seeking these hosting countries to revisit there employment policy and to follow International Law.


The Founder/Chairperson of ESAC with participants of the March 8th, 2015 event

Their story elicited heated reactions from Ethiopians worldwide, putting the spotlight on thousands of others who continue to toil under dangerous conditions in various countries in the region. These surfaced cases there so many of these Domestic Worker abuses are still prevalent. Let the world know, let these countries be responsible in the eyes of the world. Zewditu Fesseha, Founder and Chairperson of ESAC began the event, “ESAC has done its part, how about you? Thank you everyone for coming to ESAC’s annual International Women’s day event.” Below is a snippet of Zewditu Fesseha’s spech from the 3/8/15 celebration:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ethiopian Social Assistance Committee (ESAC) is a nonprofit, non-political organization established for educational purposes. ESAC is currently working on Ethiopian women domestic workers in the mid-east countries known as Gulf States. As we all know, the issue of women and girls’ abuse is well known all over the world.  Ethiopian women, who migrated to the Middle East looking employment, have been victims of abuse and slavery by their employers.

ESAC is witnessing this issue and has gathered enough information about Ethiopian migrant domestic workers in the Middle East. ESAC attempted to have a dialog with these seven Middle Eastern countries known as the Gulf States.  Tried to hem to solve their employment policy and honor their international obligation. ESAC keep asking to open up for dialogue. Until we get a response and see a change; I ask everyone to help ESAC reach its’ goal.

Discussions are good, as it gives awareness but that by itself is not enough. We need to act to solving the origin of the problem. ESAC understand Migration always will be there, for different reason. ESAC believes bring a dissection make them aware need understated and what to expect.  Even those these earths belong to all of us but to live in harmony make sure all human right is respected and follows UN common human right law.

As you may know or not recently the Saudia Arabian government has been deporting migrant workers, including Ethiopians under the pretense of them not having the legal right to stay in their country. So it appears that the Saudi government used Ethiopians as cheap labor and when they are finished using them they are deported back to Ethiopia. Once they are back in Ethiopia they try to rebuild their lives. Many of them suffer from mental and physical health problems and do not have any resources to assist them. The Ethiopian Red Cross and some religious groups offer some assistance however their funding is limited. Please help ESAC help domestic workers rebuild their lives, give generously today, so that Ethiopian migrant workers have a future.  ESAC gathered information to assist one person monthly accommodations (food, clothes, medical day-to-day living and Education like training), average monthly expense is $245 per person. We need sponsors as ESAC keeps doing and planning discussion forums.

Helping others is good as in the other hand we are doing it for ourself.  Please be a member and contribute $5.00 a month and $60 a year. Maybe you may say wonder what is it for me and of course the answer is moral satisfaction but ESAC has the following benefit for members. Help ESAC to fulfill it mission(s).

  1. Take Amharic lesson and you will get 50 percent discount,small translation is free
  2. Kind enough, Dr. Rebecca Mammo, of ophthalmology, for small consulting for major surgery, all cosmetic work , you will get 25% discount Small counseling or consulting will be free.

At last I would like to say special thanks to Velma Banks, Louise Dente, Alex for coming and sharing their experience and their knowledge regarding women’s issues in the 21st century. I also would like to give a special thanks the Church of Covenant, Spirit of Thunder Heart for supporting ESAC and attending our March 8th 2015 event and to Paul Medici for introducing ESAC to Laughing man coffee farmers’ organization leader. Laughing Man has made it possible for Ethiopian farmers in Southern Ethiopia by changing their lives and community. ESAC is happy to introduce Laughing Man and invites to become a customer of Laughing Man whether you are a community leader, Church community and much more. I hope to see you all again at our yearly event celebration(s).

Here are more pictures from the event:


March  8.2015 celebration

March 8.2015 celebration


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