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Happy Ethiopian New Year, please join ESAC for our annual Family and Cultural Exchange Day


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ESAC happily shares ‘Zimene’ film

The award winning film director and producer Melissa Donovan went to Ethiopia and filmed the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of ZemeneWork, a young Ethiopian girl…in May 2015 when they screened the film in Minnesota. Zemene is a feature documentary that follows a spirited 10-year old Ethiopian girl, Zemenework (Zemene).
Here is the Trailer of the film (
In this movie that claimed so many awards, there is so much to learn about the great work of Dr. Rick Hodes( who first got to know Zemenewerk.

እንኳን ለ ፪ሺ ፰ ለኢትዮጵያ ዓዲስ ዓመት ዋዜማ አደረሳችሁCongrats to the end of the 2007 ET Calendar

 approaching the 2008 Ethiopian New Year!!

white_horse-1268Zewditu 10-12-13-15Fire

ነሃሴ አሰራ ሁለተኛው ወር የአሮጌው ዘመን ማብቂያ ሲሁን አዲስ ዓመት መግብያ የተስፋ ማደሻ ጊዜ ነው። ካሳለፈው ሁኔታ ካጠፋው፤ካተረፈው በመነሳት በተሻለ ለመስራት የምንዘጋጀበት ጊዜ ነው። አዲስ ዓላማ ካለፈው በተሻለ  ለጥሩ ውጤት በተለየ የሚነሳሳበት ጊዜ ነው። የኢትዮጵያ ማህበራዊ አገልግሎት አብሮ ለጋራ ዕድገት ፡ለአንድንት ፡ለሰላም የምንሰራብት ዘመን እንዲሆንል ጽኑ ምኞቱን ይገልጻል አዲስ አመትን አስመልክቶ ባዘጋጀነው እራት ላይ እንዲገኙ በአክብሮት ጋብዘንዎታል  ቡናም እናፈላለን ይምጡ ጥሩ ነገር ይመለከታሉ ይደስቱበታል።

ቡሄ መጣ ያ መላጣ ቅቤ ቀቡት ፀጉር ያውጣ!!

Happy Ethiopian New Years to our fellow of Ethiopians and our neighbors alike. On behalf of ESAC, we wish you a very happy, prosperous, peaceful new Year. ESAC is still working to foster an unforgettable celebration of Ethiopian heritage/culture and history. Ethiopian culture and history deserves to be revisited, to bring it to fruition, ESAC plans to re-visit it. Join us for New year Dinner on October 9th 2015 at 5 pm . celebration will be at 310 E 42  street  Manhattan NY .

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