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የሰላም የደስታ የጤና የጥምቀት በዓል Happy Ethiopian GENA and Epiphany to you all

1-ሰላም ለናንተ ይሁን/ selam lenante yehun / Peace to You.

2-ዳቦ ና ጠላ አለ እባካችሀ ኑ ጠበል ቅመሱ/ dabo na tela ale ebakachu nu tebel qmesu

Please come have event bread and Tela (Ethiopian Beer).

3-የከተራን በአል ሄደን እናክበር/ yeketera beal heden enakber / Lets go to a ketera Festival celebration.

4- ጥምቀት በአል ደስ ይላል / temqet  beal des ylal / Epiphany festival it is joyful!

5-የውትሮ ሰው ይበለን/ yewtro sew yargen / Let GOD make us live to the future.

6-ድምር ጥሩ ነው ምክንያቱም ያጠናክራል /dmr Tru now mknyatum yatenekeral

Unity or Addition is good because this can make you powerful or strong.

Love is good because it can make you Happy!

7-ፍቅር ጥሩ ነው  ያስደስታል / feqer teru /

8-መተሳሰብ ይዳብር / metesaseb ydabr / Be thoughtful!

9-መተባበር የኢትዮጵዊ ተግባር ነው/ mekebaber yeaityopiawi  tegbar now / Unity is Ethiopia’s motto.

10- ማክበር ለራስ ነውና አክባሪ ሁን / sewn makber leras noewna akbari hun

Being respectful can serve you serve a good response.

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